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        About Us

        Ningbo PartsNet Co., Ltd. has diversified over the past years to service the HVAC & Refrigeration parts and tools industry as well as the OEM service. The overall market sales are covered all over the world due to competitive prices and strictly quality control before each shipment.

        Our products range includes compressors ,capacitors, contactors, relay, fan motors, condenser, refrigerant oil ,refrigerant gases , filter driers ,charging valves, expansion valves ,gas separator ,oil separator , defrost timers ,pressure gauges,

        Contact Us
        • Contact: Hubert
        • Mobile: +86-15867897628
        • Tel: +86-574-27852317
        • Fax: +86-574-27901578
        • Email:
        • MSN:
        • SKYPE: partsnetcn
        • Add:NO#456 Xingning Road, Jiangdong District,Ningbo,China
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